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You may want to rely on one company for all the financial support you need. It can make sense to work with a financial services provider with a comprehensive, integrated suite of services combined with a personalized approach. Legacy Financial is committed to this methodology, which is why we have created a company offering an absolutely complete menu of financial services for our clients. Our professional team has experience in every financial discipline, from taxes to estate planning and insurance, so you can find everything you need right here.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is the comprehensive structure we use to support your journey to attaining your financial aspirations and desired way of life. We evaluate your existing financial situation, your tolerance for risk, and your foundational objectives, so we can craft effective approaches for overseeing your saving, spending, and investment approach. Our coordinated team of professionals is here to guide your way forward.

Wealth Management

As a comprehensive wealth management company, we enjoy the flexibility to recommend diverse investment options. We don't focus on proprietary products, and we are completely transparent regarding our compensation structure for managing investments. Our professional team offers impartial investment guidance tailored to your objectives and risk tolerance. We continuously monitor your progress toward your goals and help you adjust your approach as needed.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning strategy starts with a review of your current readiness and the aspirations you have for your retirement years. The journey toward your optimal retirement starts where you are now, but it's not a one-and-done plan. We help you adapt to changes in the economy, the market, and your own family so that your path to retirement keeps up with the changes that are part of life. We work to help you confidently maximize your retirement assets.

Insurance & Protection

Protecting what you have earned is a vital part of your overall financial plan. Protecting your assets requires access to insurance tools but may require other strategies as well. We can advise you on what policies will be beneficial to your objectives and the effective use of trusts and LLCs if appropriate. Our goal is to help you choose the right financial tools to shield your assets from potential financial harm as a result of unforeseen events.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Considering estate planning as a primary component of your financial strategy will help you protect your family and your legacy. Our team will help you consider your objectives and devise a health estate plan. We want to ensure that you can safeguard your envisioned legacy and shield your loved ones from avoidable administrative and financial complexities. We will ensure that you have the educational resources to protect what you have worked for.

Exit & Transition Strategies

You have worked hard to create a thriving business. Now you are looking toward the future, both for the company and for yourself. We can help you set the foundation for a smooth transition of leadership. Your exit and transition plan can protect the value of your business, offer stability for your employees, and create a structure to support the company's continued growth and success while you move forward into the next stage of your life.

Retirement & Qualified Plans

Your thriving company needs to attract high-quality employees, and also seeks to reward those who are integral to your success. Retirement plans are one effective means of doing both. Your loyal employees look forward to retiring one day, and you can help them get there by providing access to a retirement plan. Ample options are available for business owners, but you need informed guidance to implement and administer a viable plan.

Executive Bonus

Compensation is a complex topic for any business, whether you are creating an incentive and profit-sharing plan, or seeking guidance on managing the tax implications for yourself and your team. Bonuses and other forms of supplemental compensation bring additional tax, reporting, equity, and payroll concerns. We can help you determine effective means of rewarding your workers and managing the tax consequences.

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